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File Sharing

So you have a fancy new iPad. Now how do you get important files onto it? Whether you are using something like GoodReader for reading and annotating pdfs (and other files) or iBooks you may want to take files you already have on your computer and put them on your iPad. You can do this in iTunes, but it is not very intuitive.

I've used two programs for this:

DropBox is awesome. Basically you download a free application for you computer and it sets up a folder for you. Anything you put in that folder is saved to the internet. You can set up DropBox on multiple computers and the same folder full of the same documents will appear. If you're on a computer you can't install stuff on then you can still access the files through DropBox's web site.

Simply set this up on your computer and then install the free DropBox iPad app and you can now access the documents on the go. The free account gives you 2 gigabytes of storage. You can pay for more if you need it. Another cool feature is you can add stuff to your public folder and then share the link to the file or folder with others. Got a 100 mb video file you want to send someone? Now you can.

ZumoCast -
This is one of my favorite new programs. ZumoCast is primarily designed to allow you to stream audio and video from a home computer to any other computer or your iPad. You set it up on your home computer and tell it which folders you want to make available. As long as the computer is turned on and is on the internet you can then access your files from your iPad.

It works great. You can now have access to your full media library, or folder full of teaching documents, without having to have the 64gb iPad.