What this site is all about: This site is all about how I use the iPad in my daily life and in my classroom. If you're looking for a list of apps that might be useful in education then you might want to start at TeachWithYouriPad or the list of other iPad sites they have there.

All information in this site was created through trial and error on my part. All of it is based on my personal experience. I've decided to resist simply reviewing apps and instead have chosen to focus on tasks I want(ed) to accomplish and what I've done. All Apps or accessories I discuss are ones I've actually used, so any reviews are based upon personal experience.

I haven't tried the VGA adapter yet. My thought is that if I really want to be wired I'll just use my MacBook. I've been looking for ways to wirelessly work from my iPad with my projector. Thus far, all my options require having a computer attached to my projector.

This really is the main reason I got the iPad. I wanted a way to be able to collect data on my students while I walk about the room. I still haven't found the tool I'm looking for, but here's what I know so far.

Whether you call it a PLN or a PLC or a time waste the iPad has gotten me back into Twitter and has aslo become my primary tool for keeping up on the latest news and trends in technology and education.

So you have a fancy new iPad. Now how do you get important files onto it?

Stuff I've bought to use with my iPad

*Note, some of the pages have embedded videos. For some reason they won't show up on my iPad. I'm not sure if it has something to do with Google Sites or Blip.tv. While I'm working on it, all videos can be viewed by following in text links.